Catching up with Lucy's Magazine

Catching up with Lucy's Magazine
Sentenced was founded by designers Georgia Wilkinson & Lucy Graham, from Leeds. By definition, Sentenced is a way of thinking or an opinion; the brand aims to change a consumers’ way of thinking by bringing awareness and educating consumers on the environmental impacts of the fashion industry.
Sentenced was launched with a mission to bring back quality over quantity; buy better and buy less. The brand strives to empower women through their unique designs and make a mark on the industry globally.
Sentenced was established in 2019 & launched just under a year later in 2020, during the pandemic. Although we both had a background in fashion, there were areas we would meet to discuss and educate each other. The work ethic and constant effort to better ourselves is how the brand was founded. We are determined, smart & empowering; we are always looking to improve and bring awareness to causes we feel strongly about, particularly the environment. With our fashion backgrounds and the environmental awareness, it was clear to us that we had the drive to create and grow a brand that is not only unique but responsible too. Sentenced is a step away from fast fashion & towards a cleaner, healthier future. 
Sentenced recognises that for something to be sustainable it must be achievable & maintainable. This is where sentenced bridges the gap between affordability & sustainable luxury.   
Becoming business owners is a working progress. We are still learning, it’s really difficult at times and it takes a lot of time but we love it. Sentenced is so fulfilling and we do it because we feel strongly about the product, the design & effects. We strongly encourage anyone wanting to start a fashion business and any existing businesses out there to really look at their supply chains and how they affect the environment. If everyone can make a conscious effort to do a little, it will make a huge difference. Our advice is: plan ahead, be organised and prioritise; this will look different for every business but it’s necessary in them all. 
We are both inspired by a multitude of things! Lucy finds inspiration in previous decades such as the Eighties and silhouettes and prints synonymous with that period. Georgia is inspired by objects and the beauty in every day; the juxtaposition is what influences the designs. The silk Blair dress & co-ordinating Bibi hoodie are a synthesis of our personal styles & influences. 
We see Sentenced becoming a driving force for change in the fashion industry, helping others to see the importance in being sustainable yet unique. We have so many things we wish to achieve & we know we will. We hope will you join & follow us on this journey.
Sentenced has always been the dream, for us both. The two of us share the same values as well as the love for design and creativity. Even as children we knew the fashion industry is where we wanted to be and we’ve made every effort to get to where we are now. Sentenced pieces are made to exist for a lifetime, using innovative fabrications, certified GOTS materials & modern craftsmanship. Womenswear should celebrate the female form. The female body is art and we love to dress women in clothing that is individual, high-quality & kind to the environment.