In conversion with Georgia Wilkinson, Design Director at Sentenced

In conversion with Georgia Wilkinson, Design Director at Sentenced

1. Where do you find your inspiration?

“So many places! I find people are very inspirational to me, particularly Bowie. I really love the 80s and kind of wish I was around then to experience it myself. I love Cher too! There’s a gold set in our Season 2 collection inspired by Cher.

 I find my work is heavily influenced by the way people style themselves, layering looks and even draping on the stand can create so many different looks and from that it’s easier for me to design. Lingerie and suits are my favourite items of clothing; there’s nothing more sexy than a well-fit suit. I subconsciously incorporate traditional elements of the two into a lot of my work. For example, the ‘Missy’ hoodie and ‘Blair’ dress both have suspender clips at the hem and I think this really elevates the pieces.”

2. How would you describe your customer base?

“Strong and powerful women that value high quality, with an interest in leading a sustainable life.”

3. Is there anyone you would love to see in your designs?

“I would love to see Miley Cyrus in my pieces. I really admire her and her style, she looks great in everything she puts on.”

4. Is there a designer whose work you particularly admire?

“Yes, definitely. I love the girls at the Attico, their personal style is very cool and effortless and that’s something I really like. I love the way they shoot their pieces; it's very imaginative.”

5. What should we expect from your Season 2 collection?

“I don’t want to give too much away but it will be a fully sustainable resort collection with pieces for the beach and the dancefloor. There’s some more amazing towelling loungewear and there’s a bouclé dress called Jude and it is so flattering.”

6. What was the inspiration behind your Season 2 collection?

“Lucy and I both research separately and communicate our research together on a shared moodboard. We have very different personalities and styles and often our designs come from contrasting images. We’re very visual people and we research in different ways. I tend to take images and screenshot details and colours I like every time I see something and collate these with notes and piece them together to create my designs. Honestly, I find inspiration when I'm not really concentrating or looking for it. I will look at something and see something completely different and I piece things together in my head. For SS21 we have looked at vintage country clubs and eighties Hollywood stars but our favourite fabrics, prints and textures really brought this collection to life.”

7. What piece of advice would you give to young designers?

“Don’t be like everyone else.”